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MESH ANSI II Firearms Instructor Vest   

The Vest Guy-10269 $79.95 Product Description:

This MESH Firearms Instructor Vest features:

With or without removable Velcro name Tags (you can choose between Firearms Instructor, Range Officer, Range Safety Officer, Range Master, Hunter Safety, or something customized to suit your specific needs). Unlike most ANSI Class II products, this TheVestGuy.com vest offers its exclusive adjustable sides which sets us apart from our competitors.

Only ONE SET of name tags are included in the base price.

If you want RANGE OFFICER or RANGE SAFETY OFFICER, or another name tags, please specify so in the COMMENTS section during checkout.

This Vests meets the NEW ANSI CLASS II Standards. This vest is available in DOZENS of colors.

PLEASE NOTE: ANSI II Regulations specify that the ONLY TWO Approved Colors are the Florescent Orange, Florescent Orange MESH, Florescent Green, Florescent Green MESH

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