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Bean Bag Camera Support   

The Vest Guy-10305 $49.95 Reg Price: $79.95 Product Description:

USA Made Bean Bag Camera support system available in 3 sizes, small (5x9x9), large (9x9x9) and extra large (9x9x12). Effective lens support system designed for use in wildlife, landscape, sport/event photography. Provides stable yet flexible support of multiple lens sizes. Great for use in vehicle window, trunk, or hood. Can also be used on fenceposts, rocks, tree limbs and stumps, railings, or used as a support when shooting at ground level. Suggested fillers: dry beans, rice, bird seed, sunflower seeds, or Robs favorite Buckwheat hulls from buckwheat hull .com. Available in numerous colors: black, coyote, olive, navy, forest green, ACU Camo, Woodland Camo, Crye Multi-cam, ATACS...
When you order Buckwheat Hull Filling, please get the corresponding filling size with the size of bag you ordered.

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