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Fire Photographer Vest 2 pocket   

The Vest Guy-500106 $79.95 Reg Price: $99.95 Product Description:

This red with white reflective Fire Photographer vest features:
- Custom name tags
- Two 6x9 inch pockets
- Adjustable sides (a TheVestGuy.com exclusive that you won't find by our competitors)

This vest, like all TheVestGuy.com products, lets you customize the vest any way you want from the vest color, color of reflective tape, and your own name tags. It is made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty. ** NOTE: Our products have been used and put through rugged conditions by numerous photographers without problem. Products always have the risk and potential to fail. It is the buyer’s responsibility to examine all moving pieces (including but not limited to camera straps, slings, and clips) and decide whether components are conducive to carrying the weight of the buyer’s gear safely PRIOR to each use. Use with caution. If any aspect of the product appears compromised, discontinue use immediately. THE VEST GUY IS NOT LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO PHOTOGRAPHY GEAR, including but not limited to camera body/bodies, flash, lens, tripod, and any other photography paraphernalia. By purchasing The Vest Guy products, the buyer acknowledges and agrees to this disclosure and releases The Vest Guy from any responsibility of damages resulting from use of The Vest Guy products. **

Admittedly our products are more expensive than pre-made imported vests. We are not in business to compete with cheap disposable products; rather, we pride ourselves on manufacturing quality made in the USA products designed to last a lifetime. With our products, you get EXACTLY what you want, a quicker turnaround time, no minimum quantity requirements, and the comfort of knowing if something happens, our items are covered by a lifetime workmanship warranty.

All of our products are made to order and can be 100% customized. From safety vests and photography vests, to armbands and radio chest packs, we do it all. If there is something specific you are looking for, give us a call at (801)725-0076.

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