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Camera Battery Cold Weather Pouch   

The Vest Guy-500291 $24.95 Reg Price: $29.95 Product Description:

The camera battery cold weather pouch is the ULTIMATE SOLUTION to keeping your camera batteries charged LONGER

During a recent trip to the Tetons, it was FREEZING.... as in -24*F. Burr!!! All was well until I pulled out the camera gear and put the batteries to work against the cold weather. Fail!

If you have ever photographed in cold weather you know the feelings of seeing your battery charge deteriorate quickly due to freezing conditions. We created the ultimate solution. Meet the Camera Battery Cold Weather Pouch.

This pouch features a mesh pocket to hold an activated hand warmer. Depending on the warmers that you use, batteries can be kept warm for 8-10 hours. When you remove one of the batteries, the built-in webbing dividers keep the remaining batteries secure.

Available in two sizes:
- Medium (for smaller batteries like Canon 7D2, 5D3)
- Large (for bulkier batteries like 1DX and 1D-IV)

A large selection of color choices are available. Made in the USA and backed by our lifetime workmanship warranty.

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