Product reviews for Bean Bag Camera Support

Brent Johnson Photography


I have the Bean Bag I got it last november I use it almost every day. it come in handy for a quick est on car window. I recomend this bag to everyone I am constanatly showing people and telling them about it the best product out ther, quaility is top notch in my opion

Paul J. Marto


I used this bean bag camera support when Rob and I went to Green River, Utah, to shoot the Bighorn sheep this last provided awesome support and was easy to manipulate. And it blended in so well, I actually lost it amongst the rocks at one point...but the story has a happy ending, after about thirty minutes of scouring the mountainside, I found it. I highly recommend this ingenious camera support.

Bob Grant


I have had my Bean Bag for over a year now and enjoy using it. It is a quality made product. Very simple to use to support a camera from the hood or window of a vehicle, from a rock. It can also be used as a rifle support at the range. When the carrying straps it\'s easy to carry.



Great quality and style; easy to use. Use it every time I\'m birding from the vehicle!



Bought a bean bag 2 years ago myself, bought. Few for friends and highly recommended to all my friends...durable....the best part of it is Jon slip padding on top...I use this bag for 18 lb 600 mm lens and it is perfect ....haven\'t tried any other beanbag ..but why try it others when this product derve the purpose for what I want

Sue Ernisse


I don\'t like tripods because I feel I lose so much flexibility when I use one. The bean bag has become an invaluable piece of my equipment. It offers the versatility and flexibility I want. i\'m mostly a wildlife photographer and use my 500mm lens often. I can have my bean bag set up on my car windowsill, hood, fence post (really on anything) and be shooting before another photographer has even gotten their tripod out of their vehicle . It makes a huge difference when you\'re shooting anything that\'s moving. I highly recommend it!!

MCG M&M Photo Tours


I have been using these bean bags for over 3 years now and find them to be well constructed, durable yet lightweight, easy to fill with your choice of filler, packable for road trips, and easy to use. I love the fact that they come is various sizes and colors - makes it easy to choose based on what and where you are shooting. The overall versatility of the bags is impressive. The value for the dollars expended is well worth it. Lastly, the fact that you can also customize the exact specifications you want/need makes these bean bags our go to choice wherever we are in the world. Awesome product!

simspix photography and imaging


Awesome lens/camera support!
Very well made and protects your car and your lens from scratches and damage.
Best investment you can make for shooting from your vehicle.

Michael Bateman


The Bean Bag is a fantastic! I would say if you shoot wildlife at any level this is a must. If you own a tripod then you should own one of these as well. I think I use the bean bag more than twice as often as a tripod. It is very quick to deploy on any surface including my knee sometimes. It really shines when trying to get a quick shot especially when it requires a quick march up a hill.
When flipped over it cradles a camera and large lens very nicely while traveling.
It is also very handy at the rifle range for the other kind of shooting. ;)

Jerry Alt


Love, love, love these bags! I met Rob in Salt Lake City for a photo trip and got to use one of his large size bags, and had to have one of my own. I\'ve got two in the large and extra large sizes. The big one works great on my SUV window, hood of the car, and even propped on the ground to support my macro lens in places where you cannot easily set a tripod.

I travel with the medium size bag empty, then simply go to a local store and buy sunflower seeds (lighter and less dense than sand or regular seed). When I\'m ready to fly home I just spread the seed where birds can get at it, and it folds flat in my luggage.



This bean bag works great in a vehicle when you don\'t want to get out and disturb the wildlife. Keeps your camera perfectly still.

Nick Fucci Photography


Well after an extremely busy 2 weeks I\'m finally getting around to reviewing the Photo bean bag I received from \"The Vest Guy\" in Utah.

As I have previously stated my first impression were good; both quality materials and workmanship went into the bag. But, how did it hold up in the field. Well, just as I suspected after seeing the bag I was not disappointed!

The bag was perfectly sized for use in a vehicle. Once my lens was lying on the bag it was at eye level without having to raise the window or slide down in my seat to look through the viewfinder. Slide resistant material on both legs of the bag and on the top prevent any slippage while mounted on the door and keep the camera stable on top. In addition the bag can be flipped over and used as a camera mount for those low perspective images when shooting on the ground or other low objects. The bag holds its shape extremely well and can be left on the door frame while driving without worrying about falling off!

Attention to detail in the manufacturing helped sell the bag for me; a pair of handles makes the bag easy to carry when using outside the vehicle, a double seal where the bag is filled keeps the stuffing in the bag and not all over the car, a velcro strip on the bottom of the bag secures the zipper in place and prevents it from getting broken and my web address monogrammed on the end of the bag makes for a little shameless self promotion

All in all I would recommend this bag to anyone for use in the places where using your vehicle as a blind is a must. The bag can be filled with almost anything; I prefer crushed walnut shells as they are fairly light weight and hold their shape once formed. The bag come in 3 sizes; small, large and extra large to fit any lens you may want to use. If you\'d like to check one out for yourself, contact: and start getting tack sharp images!

Nick Fucci
Outdoor & Nature Photography



After a lot of research on the internet for a quality bean bag support I decided to try one of Rob\'s bean bags from \"The Vest Guy\". After receiving it I know I made the right choice. Very well made, perfect size, I got the large. Quality material and workmanship, couldn\'t be happier. For the money you won\'t find a better bag out there.



I bought the medium bag, for use with telephoto lenses on fence rails, car doors, and the like. The bag is extremely well made, easy to fill, and the filling, in my case buckwheat, stays in the bag as the seal is tight, even for small fillers like buckwheat hulls.

The bag is generously sized, allowing any number of possible applications and settings, and while I have used it but once at this point, it has non-slip patches where it needs to be non-slip, so the camera was secure. Two carrying handles make moving the bag easy.



I bought my bag about 3 years ago and I don\'t leave home without it. I always have it with me and it comes in handy in so many ways. Whether it\'s sitting in the car and shooting out the window, setting it on the hood, on the ground, on a rock, etc. it provides a rock solid rest no matter what the situation is. I even use mine for shooting my rifle! I recently purchased the mini bag and love it as well. Smaller, lighter and more mobile. Perfect for those trips in the backcountry or away from the vehicle. Get yours today, you won\'t be disappointed!



Love this thing. It fits on my car window and holds the big lenses steady with ease. Only gripe is that a seam pulled apart and made a big mess, but a little duct tape and I was back in business.



This bean bag from is just the thing for a heavy photo rig when touring places like Cadeâ



This bean bag from is just the thing for a heavy photo rig when touring places like Cadeâ



This bean bag from is just the thing for a heavy photo rig when touring places like Cadeâ