Product reviews for CERT Medic Vest



Quality CERT vest. If you need a vest with POCKETS, consider this one. Often, in various CERT drills, found a backpack was cumbersome to wear especially in buildings with narrow door ways. Able to fit my PPEs (personal protective equipment) and various supplies in this vest, essentially \"wearing my backpack\".

Starting from the top, the shoulder strap provides a good attachment point for items with clips. The elastic pen holders along the front of the shoulders can be used for larger sized pens/markers plus noticed items with a clip can also be attached here. For example, was able to attach a second radio or flashlight (L-shaped) on the shoulder.
Next, the upper right pocket is versatile with the CERT tag, ID card holder and split pocket. The split pocket was a good size to put a smart phone (e.g. iPhone 6) and multi-tool (e.g. Leatherman) in it.
Next, the upper left pen/marker pockets are handy, plus the small radio pocket with elastic cord can fit a FRS radio or small HT ham radio in it. The adjustable elastic cord was good to change length for a shorter ham radio or taller ham radio with extended battery pack. You have to \"dig\" behind the pocket to find the ends of the elastic cord and tie a knot to the length that you want. Also, the D-rings are handy to hang items from (e.g. emergency whistle).
Next, the middle utility pockets are good for various supplies.
Next, the lower pockets are big and roomy for different types of supplies. Was able to fit items for a small triage/first aid kit in a pocket. Plus, there are additional inside pockets to fit procedure cards or other documentation.
Next, the pockets inside the vest (optional) are nice to hold supplies or documentation. Was able to fit the CERT FOG (field operations guide) in this pocket.
Finally, the back pocket is large enough for a clipboard or small tablet PC. If you have to be a scribe, a flat clipboard with CERT forms would fit in the back pocket. Or whatever else you want to put in there.
In addition, the front zipper is easy to use, preferring it to buckles or velcro I have seen on other vests.

Note: If you get the padded shoulder option, the top of the vest may be somewhat stiff restricting arm movement a little. Also, if you get the belt loop option, it will be 4 belt loops attached to the bottom of the vest, which can be used to cinch down the lower part of the vest or just used to attach additional supplies to the vest.

Overall, a nice vest to store all your PPEs, radio and much of your CERT supplies and to have them easily accessible when needed.